If We Go Seeker-Sensitive...

Posted: October 31, 2007
I'm posting this video here so that Pastor Mike Shea can see what kind of things he'll be obligated to do if our church ever decides to go seeker-sensitive.

P.S. This is Ergun Caner, President of Liberty University.

Katrina Relief video

Posted: August 30, 2007
In December 2005, a small crew of workers from my church went to Slidell, Louisiana to help with the hurricane relief effort being spearheaded by Sovereign Grace Fellowship. A member of one of the first work crews put together a video to document the early relief effort. This excerpt shows what the damage looked like when we were there, and Pastor Eddie Exposito explains his involvement and vision for ministry in the affected areas.

The need for workers is still great. Find out about the ongoing relief effort and how you can become involved at http://www.sgfellowship.org/homeland.shtml

SPOTTED: When Is Abortion Racism?

Posted: January 23, 2007
This past Sunday, Pastor John Piper preached a message of great importance for all who love the gospel, and believe that its message is to every tribe, tongue, people and nation. He makes it clear that the issue of abortion is not merely a personal issue, nor a political issue, but is a gospel issue.
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"The Title Of The Song"

Posted: December 12, 2006
The music itself is not executed well, but the song is hilarious!

Thanksgiving/Christmas Gift To My Readers

Posted: November 21, 2006

Way back in 1995, I wrote the music for a PC video game called "Chomper". Chomper is a clever game in the Pacman genre--except this time, you have to maneuver through a huge, scrolling maze. I spent hours tweaking sounds and playing with the musical arrangements so that the same music would sound OK on every sort of sound card someone might have--from a Soundblaster Pro (i.e. FM-based electronic beeps) to a full-fledged General MIDI instrument, like the Roland MT-32. Chomper was released as a shareware game in the DOS days, just as Windows 95 was taking off. For my work, I think I only earned around $100 and a copy of Microsoft Office, but it sure was a lot of fun.

I'm putting a copy of Chomper here on my blog so that my legions of faithful readers can enjoy it, provided that they are geeky enough to get it running. To run Chomper on a modern computer, you'll probably need to use an emulator like DOSBOX, which is available for several platforms. To have it run well within an emulator, you'll need a fast computer--Chomper needed at least a fast 486-class machine, and ran even better on a Pentium!

Download the game

Once you have the zip file expanded in DOSBOX, run INSTALL.BAT, which should take you through the rest of the setup.

For sound, choose the Sound Blaster 16.
For music, choose the SoundBlaster Pro -- Yamaha (of course, if you have a Roland MT-32, you should use that instead!)

If you use the keyboard to play, it's the arrow keys to move, and CTRL to roll fast (provided you have cleared a path, that is).

Enjoy, and leave a comment if you actually get the game working!


Posted: November 18, 2006
Our adult Sunday School class is studying the clarity (or perspicuity) of Scripture as we work our way through Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology. For last week's class, we began to address the issue of difficult passages in the Bible, and how they relate to the doctrine of Scriptural Perspicuity. William Whitaker's 1588 work, A Disputation on Holy Scripture, addresses this question briefly in the following excerpt, which I read to the class last Sunday.

...Now the causes are such as follows:
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SPOTTED: Calling him "lord"

Posted: November 10, 2006
Dan Phillips has posted an excellent article about Biblical submission of wives to their husbands. This is something that my wife Sandy has studied in some depth (significantly more than I have), and what she has learned and put into practice has been absolutely transformational in our marriage. Dan does a good job of articulating a number of the things that Sandy tries to communicate to the Christian women she comes in contact with. I encourage you to click on the links that Dan provides to articles written by Christine, a single, young woman whose future husband will be very blessed!

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